Commission Structure

Dating Factory gives all partners and affiliates a head start to be competitive and make a profit from the onset. Most white label competitors make it difficult for affiliates to reach the top levels of commission by imposing unrealistic targets to get to the top of the commission table. We believe if you are making a profit you will reinvest into your dating business and we will all grow together. For the first three months we forego any of our own profits and pay all affiliates top tier commissions and then establish the commission level based on the average revenue they have generated.

Payments are made semi monthly on the 1st and 15th of every month.

Shared revenue model

Revenue per
month, Euro
% Initial and
first 3 months
% Initial
after 3 months
% Renewals
after 3 months
% Referrals
(sub partners)
% affiliates*% internal

Shared revenue model

* as a site owner you determine how much you pay your affiliates, so this figure varies from site to site

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